Shani Mahadasha Experience

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Shani Mahadasha Experience

Post by shriastrology » 10 Jan 2020

I read all threads on your journey on Saturn Mahadasha. This gave me idea to write my journey of Saturn Mahadasha.
My Details: DOB- 17th OCt 1984 , time: 1.10 am, Place- Tuljapur,, Maharashtra
I have exalted Saturn in fourth house of Libra(22 deg)in 4th House for Cancer Ascendant

Saturn MD/ Saturn AD: 8/122004 to 11/12/2007
This period I can sum up as hard work.My confidence was low and I always felt low about myself. Though there was very strong drive to make something big in life.In hindsight there was belief that things will fall in place. Making my parents proud of me was always in my head.In 2004 I was in my third year of my Engg, I remember I used to study very hard and think of nothing else. Around time I met my would be wife ( I never thought I would marry her since my only goal was study hard and strive for better life, everything other that study was distraction).On 3rd MArch 2005 I proposed my wife, though I felt this is big responsibility and will eat in my productive time.I was selected in Campus interview in Feb 2006 and joined job in Jun 2006.I never enjoyed the job and felt this line of field will not take me long, I tried lot to pursue my MBA but could not make it.In Aug 2007 shifted to Delhi from Mumbai in same company.
Saturn MD/Mercury AD: 11/12/2007 to 20/08/2010
I can sum this period as increase in confidence , new opportunities, real learning, two job change for good , unexpected promotion, marriage with my long love after lot of struggle and dream job at MNC in Bangalore.My whole outlook towards life is positive and hopeful. I have lot of good memories from this time frame.
Feb 2008 Jun 2010: Good Job at TATA MOTORS and lot of learning.I am get expansive feeling coming out of closed room an feel and able to breath. I got unexpected promotion and there were 100 people reporting to me.This is something I never dreamed in Aug 2007.I had feeling that I could achieve anything. Though I lost some money on Aug 2008 market crash (3-4 months Pay).
6 Jun 2010: Got married to my GF and Change in job to MNC in Bangalore.This was change from hardcore manufacturing to posh high scraper building of corporates. This was like wow...I never dreamed that I would get into this job.Though I am leaving my safe core zone what I have learned in my Engg college. I was elated during this time period.

Saturn MD/Ketu AD: 20/08/2010 to 29/9/2011
This period I can sum as travel to foreign land and wife/family drama.
I manager told to prepare passport and get ready for lot of travel. Feb 2011 applied for US business VISA.I did not know these were difficult to get, in my team I only get B1/B2 VISA and all other team members VISA got rejected.My relations with my wife was in rough waters due to family drama.Typical tug of was between mother and wife.This made me frustrated at times but i was focused on job and career.I only get to travel to US for training, my maiden foreign travel(11 Feb to 3rd MArch 2011) and this will give me edge in my career here in this MNC.I never had dream or motivation to travel to foreign lands.After my return I get to support projects in Thailand and Uzbekistan.Since I had training and psychological edge I got the best projects that we had.
Saturn MD/Venus AD: 29/9/2011 to 29/11/2014
I can sum up this period as discovering that we had big problem that we will have difficulty in becoming parents, major surgery of my mother and my Mother in Law got diagnosed with Cancer & Lot of travels to foreign lands and luxury to fullest during my foreign travels.
I must have made 12-16 foreign trips during this period.Became team leader in Aug 2013.This was bi turning point. I had strained relationship with my wife since I was always on travel.My wife started working during this period though her job was not inline with her expectations.My mother got operated for disc herniation and Mother In law was diagnosed with Cancer and she passed on 13 Feb 20.I realised during this period I was to focused on career and was selfish and did not acknowledged my wife went through.During this time I re-discovered I had soulmate.This period was rekindling my relationship with my wife.After my mother in law passed, I always strived to take her mother's place. I still cannot forget last look she gave just before going higher abode.That look shifted my focus to my wife.
Saturn MD/Sun AD: 29/11/2014 to 11/11/2015
This period I can sum up as new home,Job insecurity, increased in income and my teammates always plotting to pull down me.
Brought new home as change to my wife to pull her out of sorrow she had been after my mother in law expired.
At work place this was start of downturn.Since I had changed from my core field to other field where I was striving just because I had process knowledge and no one wanted that process in market.I am struck situation.I was learning new leadership things during this period.Some auspicious things like housewarming, new furniture.My bonding with wife is only growing.
Saturn MD/Moon AD: 11/11/2015 to 11/6/2017
My mind was very restless and phobias of loosing my job.I started searching job with no luck.Our discussion of having children was at dead end.I did enjoy staying at my new house.I really felt at peace staying at home.

To be continued

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Re: Shani Mahadasha Experience

Post by amitns » 24 Jan 2020

Nice post.. i just completed Shani/ Shani and it was both tough and rewarding..

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