End of Ketu Dasha.. What's happening to me??

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End of Ketu Dasha.. What's happening to me??

Post by Sowkad » 02 Apr 2021

Hello everyone, I'm in the last phase of Ketu Dasha. I'm going to enter shukra Dasha in a couple of months. There is a change in my attitude now a days. I have got interest in every area like singing,dancing,movies,shopping which was left by me after the commencement of Ketu Dasha. Sometimes I wish to fill my wardrobes with modern clothes, I feel that something good is going to happen soon, so I should be prepared for that. Suddenly I start to feel what is the need of doing all these when I have no idea about my future. Why should I dress up when there's is no one to admire, there is no place to go out and however, youth days are gone now. I'm struggling bw these two kind of emotions now a days. People who knew me, who left me after Ketu Dasha have started to watch me again. It feels so strange. I keep on getting intuition that something is going to change soon. What's happening to me? Is it because of the upcoming shukra Dasha? Can anyone share their experiences over this transformation (chidra Dasha)? Can anyone known astrologer guide me over this. Thank you
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Re: End of Ketu Dasha.. What's happening to me??

Post by Ashu » 19 Apr 2021

Hi there,

The results you are experiencing are pretty much valid when you switch between two contradictory dashas.

You would not have been concerned how you used to dress up, how you used to think of society, and the prevailing trends. Ketu is an inward planet, it doesn’t bother much of what's going on around, what's the new trends in the city/world, all it does is think of itself and be minimalistic.

If you look back at the way you used to dress up, and the way you are/will dress up, there will be a significant change. Ketu is a minimalistic planet while Venus is an extravagant planet. That’s the difference you are experiencing now. It’s 20 years of Venus dasha, you will have much better experiences and life gets better.

Venus is in the first house, that concentrates on self (The person) so you will focus on your self than anything else.

Your ascendant is at the beginning of the sign, I would like to verify if it's Taraus or Aries ascendant.

If you could answer below questions, it will help me decide the ascendant.

Have you had issues with frequent illness in Ketu dasha?

Any cuts and scars or issues related to excessive heat in the body?
Any issues related to pain in your knee or ankles?

Have you had issues with the elders in the family or lower section of the society?

Have had mental stress or blockage (I mean you were clueless in some situations )

If you had health issues, did those sustain for a longer time?

Was there a relationship? If yes, did that end abruptly

Would you be able to list out some major events that took place in Ketu dasha?

Based on your response, I will confirm the ascendant.

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