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For ChandraLagna ji

Posted: 02 Dec 2016
by ashishsri
Hello Sir,
I have sent message to Shilpaji through this forum and email as well, but she has not yet responded. The topic subject is as below "For Shilpaji, trans Id: # 3941-4159-2621-6462"

Can you please take this topic for yourself, accordingly i will send you my question and details?


Re: For ChandraLagna ji

Posted: 03 Dec 2016
by ChandraLagna
Hi Ashishsri,

I have sent a test mail, please furnish your details & ask your query in response to my mail.

Re: For ChandraLagna ji

Posted: 10 Dec 2016
by ChandraLagna
Responded ; please revert in case you need any clarification.