@Lex Ji Some info on KP astrology

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@Lex Ji Some info on KP astrology

Post by Rache » 17 Dec 2017

Lex ji,
I would like to know some of your viewpoints regarding 7th Cuspal sub lord,6th Cuspal sub lord and 11th Cuspal sub lord and their effects, specially in cases where Rahu/ketu are the sublords.
I have read KP readers by Krishnamurthy ji, And astro secrets by Shri Mp Shanmugam,but still the confusion is there specially in case of Ketu as sublord of 7th cusp,or Rahu as sublord of 7th cusp,how to read the results. From star lord of Ketu, or through the sign lord, or the aspects it's getting..

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Importance of KP astrology

Post by amitns » 12 Mar 2022


I wanted to post separately on KP astrology but due to some technical issues I am not able to do so.

I will use above thread and post my thoughts.

I had been quiet an active member since 2010 roughly and was fortunate to receive advice from many stalwarts in this group

However when it came to prediction, the success rates of my own as well others' prediction was very less. At the same time I came across my friends who was successful professionally but had all planets (almost) in 8/12 houses. Traditional astrologers used to justify his success through yogas/ dristi but taking the basic principles it was far fetched
Somewhere a couple of years ago, I stumbled upon KP astrology through a cousin and also did an online course of one of the students of Prof Shahsane, the famous KP astrolger from Mumbai who has also written a voluminous book on the subject
As many of us may be knowing, KP differs from traditional in the following way
1. It uses the Placidius system of bhava determination, so many planets actually shift houses as compared to traditional
2. It gives high importance to MahaDasha(MD) and Anterdasha(AD), and change from one to another can completely alter the life theme of a person
3. It breaks down bhavas accordingly to the length of the MD (in place of navamsa)
4. Most importantly a planet (whether be a sub lord of the cusp) or MD/AD lord gives results according to the houses (cusps) ruled and occupied by its NAKSHATRA lord
5. KP also suggests that the modern times are dominated by money and shukra. Houses 1/2/3/6/10/11 and especially 11 become very important for fulfillment of one's desires
6. Houses 5 and 9 called bhagya houses in Vedic will actually ruin a person as per KP and they are 12th to the Job/Karma houses 6 and 10.

After doing the course I am trying out this technique on many charts i have/get and LO. prediction is turning out more accurate!!

I would request learned members on this forum to give more though to this technique
Although the principles remain same, interpration is more useful and relevant.

Please share your experiences and I would be happy to share mine


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Re: @Lex Ji Some info on KP astrology

Post by tylorechandra » 30 Jun 2022

My comments are as follows:

1. It seems that the Lagna is taken as the starting point of a bhava in K P. This too is a variation contributing to the changes in planet placements.

2. Dasha and Antardasha are equally important in Parashari.

3. Because of the use nomenclature like of Sub lord and Sub sub Lord, it appears so. In practice, on critical analysis, it appears to be the same as choice of antara and pratyantara in Parashari.

4. Nakshatra lord is important in Parashari too. But it is not expressely stated so in many places.

5. No comments.

6. Same in Parashari too.


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