Some powerful Yoga during or after thirtees

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Some powerful Yoga during or after thirtees

Post by revribhav » 10 Jun 2020

Indeed there are.

My reply is restricted with one example due to constraints of limited energy.

Jupiter has two distinct avastha:-

First phase: Initially about 16th to 19th year.

Second phase: Maturity around middle of forties.

A strong Jupiter shall give fame during youth , the first phase ; however, if afflicted but native’s free will or the blessing of destiny*** may awaken the dev Guru during the second phase.

*** as per the classical seers the residence of Jupiter is in heaven
Important:- Jupiter in my opinion is the blessing from heaven, in consideration of the sincerity (nishtha) or dedication ; it need not be confused by technical terminology as mooltrikona, exalted or debilitated, Jiva the lord of deep knowledge shall awaken in any house or any sign provided the heaven is showering upon the native.

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Re: Some powerful Yoga during or after thirtees

Post by primehealthblog » 09 Apr 2021

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