Reproductive Fitness: To be judged from 7H or 5H?

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Reproductive Fitness: To be judged from 7H or 5H?

Post by DhoomDhoom » 31 Aug 2014

Yesterday I was having a discussion with one of my neighbours who is interested in astrology. He opined that one should judge the strength of 7H & 7L for conception matters and fitness of reproductive organs before going to 5H & 5L.

He said that the way 1H represents head, facial appearance, 2H denotes speech, throat, lungs, similarly 7H stands for the lower part of body like legs and sexual organs. So as per his logic, although 5H denotes the first child of the native, one should analyze the strength and quality of 7H - house of reproductive organs before giving an eye on the 5H.
5H - the house of progeny, comes into picture ONLY AFTER THE PROGENY IS BORN (or at least the lady conceives), it has no role to play before that. If the 7H of the childless couple is not strong enough although their 5H is strong, it might be assumed that their reproductive fitness is not adequate for conception. Thus transition from 7H to 5H will never take place. Such natives might be blessed with other 5H significances like good education, good love-life, but not progeny. Weak 7H & 7L also dampens the longivity of married life. So chances are there that their marriage might break before they can conceive.

So as per my neighbours's logic, for analyzing delay/denial of children, one should look into 7H & 7L first for reproductive fitness of the couple before moving to 5H & 5L (other factors like Ju, Ve being equal), because if the tree (7H) is weak, it can't bear the fruits (5H).

Does such school of thought hold any validity?.....I see most of the astrologers here in 'Chirdbirth' section directly start analyzing the 5H & 5L for progeny matters....Will be good if learned people here can share their opinion on this....


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Re: Reproductive Fitness: To be judged from 7H or 5H?

Post by aliens19672004 » 26 Sep 2014

What are the factors involved in begetting children. First we need to see this from astrology point of view

1)A relationship should exist for the native to get children either it could be legally or through relationships which would not end up in marraige
2)Capacity to have children which comes from 3rd house and arudha of the 3rd house(A3)
3)Where there is an requsiite karma for the native to have children. This should be seen from A9

A3 and A9 should be well placed in trines or kendras from Lagna

If these are nicely placed then that means that the native has got the capacity to have children

Secondly Sun plays a very important role as he is the giver of everything hence AS3 and AS9 should also be placed nicely from Sun

A3 and A9 should not be placed in 2,6,8,12 from Sun as these houses are the house of darkness and everything is lost here

Then finally Jupiter and the lord of the 5th house,their placements, aspects of other planets on Jupiter should be seen

5th lord from Jupiter would bring in the child during its antar dasa

Hope this is clear
Uma shanker achanta

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