Speculation and/or writing as a career?

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Speculation and/or writing as a career?

Post by majestik108 » 22 Jul 2017

Hi everyone. I'm writing this post in the hopes of getting some advice regarding what a suitable career path for me would be. I'm a recent university graduate with a Bachelors degree in Commerce majoring in Marketing. I enjoy marketing quite a bit and have attempted to find a position in this field with no success at all. Rejected in the application phase itself.

I always saw a job as a stepping stone to me being self-employed. My lack of success with job hunting encouraged me to bypass the stepping stone and attempt to find a suitable career for me where I can be self-employed.

At the moment, I don't feel like I will enjoy being in the corporate side of the business world as there's a lot of, let's say, disingenuous social interaction that's required in order to move up the ranks and be successful in general. I'm also not a fan of the structured nature of this world. This is why I am drawn to speculation as I realised I can work anywhere, anytime and for myself as trading can be done online.

I attempted speculating a few months ago by investing into cryptocurrency by taking out a loan and made great gains initially, but lost all the profits plus some of my initial investment as I didn't sell at the right time and was looking at the long term.

I have also recently discovered that writing is something that comes naturally to me and I constantly entertain myself with ideas and visuals that I cook up in my mind. Writing is almost meditative to me and I enjoy it quite a bit. This too interested me as it has the same benefits of speculation that I previously mentioned. If I do pursue it, I plan on blogging about occult knowledge I've gained over the years with life experience and learning as well as my insights on life along with other random thoughts and ideas I have. Basically I will be attempting to be materially successful by using the medium as a way of expressing all of the random creative ideas that run through my mind all the time.

Currently I work in a restaurant and financially I'm in a terrible position due to massive debts I have incurred. I do not enjoy working for others at all and also find that I function best at the job when I'm left to do things myself. I cannot emphasize my dislike for jobs enough, I absolutely hate it and it feels like hell because I feel so restricted in being able to express myself.

My birth details are:

10 July 1993
00:14 AM (close to midnight)
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Ascendant in Pisces 27 degrees Revati
Moon in Pisces 0 degrees Purva Bhadrapada
Rahu in Scorpio 16 degrees Anuradha
Ketu in Taurus 16 degrees Rohini
Mars in Leo 15 degrees Purva Phalguni
Venus in Taurus 10 degrees Rohini
Mercury in Cancer 2 degrees Punarvasu
Jupiter in Virgo 13 degrees Hasta
Sun in Gemini 23 degrees Punarvasu
Saturn in Aquarius 5 degrees Dhanista

I feel completely lost at this stage in my life, and the financial stresses make things a whole lot worse. So if anyone could please look into my chart and tell me if I will have success if I continue to pursue speculation and/or writing, I'd be very much grateful.

If you see any other profession where I can be self-employed that I will be materially successful in, please don't hesitate to mention it.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Speculation and/or writing as a career?

Post by dtr777 » 23 Jul 2017

1st lord itself in 7th house shows your life focus will be on others where you have to connect with others and Jupiter in 7th house shows you can guide people with your thoughts or emotions .Jupiter and moon mutual aspects is very good for writing especially emotional philophical writing .

Venus with ketu shows interest in writing of love stories which shows with so many losses etc

7th lord mercury in 5h house shows interest in speculation but it is retrograde and in sign of cancer of flowing water shows it won't be easy to speculate.You should try with small and have to gain experience of years then only you can consider it

5th lord moon in 1st shows lots of interest in speculations and authorship and a lay person and somewhat of introvert dreamy nature

Rahu in scorpio shows lots of mysterious beliefs and it is somewhat troubled postion but it is good for occult .moon in purvabhadraprada shows lots of interest in occult world.Sun and mercury in punarvasu is good for writing ,guiding ,finaces

mercury and saturn retrograde shows heavy past life karma and you have to write everyday and practice very hard to get success in writing or specualtion or even in love relationships
travelling services related jobs also can bring income to you especially to foreign places related

2nd lord in 6th house shows income from restaurants ,service industry ,healing type fields

from 2016 june you are in mercury mahadasha so this dasha can give you success in authorship and speculation but after repeated failures and experience

2018 nov to 2019 october is very good for research and occult studies and unconventional work

2019 oct to 2022 august is the best period for writing so utilize this period

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Re: Speculation and/or writing as a career?

Post by majestik108 » 23 Jul 2017

Thank you so much for the detailed analysis. I will go through the post a few times to fully digest the information.

I do have huge interest in the occult. I've come to realise that I lead my entire life based on occult and spiritual knowledge. It makes me impractical in the material world in some cases, but there's a part of me deep inside that says that this is my path. I can't be 'material', if that makes any sense. I constantly see patterns in human behaviour, events, etc and my intuition is very strong with regards to people's characters and motives as well as the vibrations in an environment.

I pick up on people's emotions and thoughts like a sponge and it's intensified if I make eye contact with them. I'm a Vedantin and have been attracted to the path ever since I discovered it.

Not focused on love relationships much at the moment, finances and a career path I will enjoy are my top priorities.

Regarding Saturn in my chart, it was an amazing experience in retrospect. When i started approaching my Mercury mahadasha, I contemplated on the dasha and realised that even though it left me with lots of traumatic experiences and losses, it gave me an immense amount of life experience and wisdom as well as spiritual understanding. It gave me deep understanding into my psyche and others' psychology. I remember a time when I was upset that I was going through my Saturn mahadasha at such a young age, missing out on my youth because of the huge burden of responsibility placed upon me, but as I neared the end of the dasha I realised that it's a blessing to have been able to go through the dasha in the most crucial years of my development because it gave me so much wisdom.

Do you see any other careers that I might be successful in?

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Re: Speculation and/or writing as a career?

Post by dtr777 » 23 Jul 2017

As mars influence is there regrading to finances and in 6th house inspecting 12 th house can do a business related to sports especially items related to legs

You never should trust astrology blindly eventhough they signify just take these as opinions and practcally amke a good deiciosn

I am researching on these degrees from chan jain book which are working good but first we have to identify most prominent planets from the chart then these will easy to understand because each planet can show different directions .I am directly taking these from the book and giving here and see how these are resonates with your personality

Many degree descriptions are indication strong authorship ,not fit for daily routine jobs and unconventional knowledge


Denotes one of a conservative and old world mind, who talks but little but to the pobt. He will be out of touch with modern society leaning neither to its teachings nor ideals. He will have struggles and hard climbs, and does not think enough of possessions ever to become wealthy. He holds what he possess and lives quietly. If Jupiter is there, the native will be a bird lover. indicating versatility also, study the horoscope


Denotes peculiculiar birth conditions (are there any when you are born )
but a gifted person who though threatened with danger, overcomes and produces worthy works. His powerful and energetic soul is blended with idealism, poetry and beauty. There is firmness in all he does. and a power which gives it penetrative force and excclkncl?
Love for art, specially music, is deep rooted. He will be the master of innumerable arts. He will move easily
through a vast crowd of associates, many of whom will look to him for guidance. The career of the native calls for freedom.
A closet routine would hamper. Responsibility is certain to be his. The life lesson is that while he
is capable of riding the moment, there is much ahead about
which there are two minds and to meet the emergencies properly, he must have a firm foundation



Denotes one on whom fame smi Jes and who is fitted to
receive her favour. For this native, their is dignity and
honour, which follows a degree of struggle, disappointment
and comparative obscurity. He is moved by many and
varied feelings and is blessed with a vivid and fine
imagination. He is cultured, neat in style and artistic with
considerable psychic ability and occult understanding

mars degree - signifiying finaces and obstacles from birh chart

SYMBOL : A. pyramid in the midst of a sand waste, with
lowering hlack c/oudfi over it.
Denotes one who in the middle of threats, difficulties ~, i · · ·
and oppositions raises himself to a position of dig11ity and
responsibility. and the stings of envy will follow him. He

will see pass through this world of matter before
receiving the call, and will keenly feel and deplore his
errors. He may find that the road to power is not the
road to happiness. This is also one of the aviator's

venus degree
A monk 011 a rocky road giving drink and
food lo a poor travC'ller, who hns fallen hy the
rayC'd wwlwr ahove his head.

Denotes one of religious and charitable nature whose
high u11dcrs 1a11ding or brotherhood or man and the ahsolute
unity or human aims, when not diverted hy evil powers
makes him ever ready to divide his suhstance with those
who, less fortunate in won.Uy matters. give a higher payment· human hlcssings an<l gratitude. His trust in
humanity is never shaken. He is ever to others a harbinger
of hope. Tt is also one of the literary degrees

ketu with venus in 3rd house of writing

ketu degree

A sea-gullflying over the waters of the ocean.
Denotes one free as air, brave, spiritual, restless, and
unfitted for the regular routine of daily life. Care in
infancy is essential. He is of a wandering·. mind and
frequent changes are for him. The native possesses a
artistic talent with a good sense of colour and rythm
Sometimes this degree is found prominent in author's chart

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