Marriage and Children Prospects

Questions about marriage and relationships.
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Marriage and Children Prospects

Post by antara » 21 Mar 2022

Namaste to all members here,
I would like to share my birth details here and hope that some of you knowledgeable astrologers will please take a look at my chart and can give some insight as to the following:-
1. Should I marry manglik or non manglik? I have mangal in 7th house in my chalit chart and there is so much conflicting advice on internet as well as among astrologers and local pandits that my parents consult.
2. Do you foresee problems in my marital life owing to the placement of paap grahas in the 7th?
3. Can the Guru drishti salvage the problems and lack of marital happiness as seen (rahu in 4th)?
4. Also please please comment on my prospects of having children and any suggested remedies that I can do beforehand.
23rd February, 1994. 18:00 (6 PM), Saharanpur (India).

Best Regards,

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Re: Marriage and Children Prospects

Post by Sujit » 24 Mar 2022

You're following the wrong chart in doing analysis. Also, manglik concept is misunderstood by many.
There are no issues with marriage and children in your chart.
If you have the right knowledge, EXACT predictions can be made. Astrology is an incredible tool for guidance and one should take note of the energies of changing dasa lords.

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Re: Marriage and Children Prospects

Post by Sishya » 25 Mar 2022


Below are a few notes about your birth-chart, that relevant for your query and this thread:
1. Udaya Lagna is placed in Simha Rashi and posited in the Lunar Constellation of Magha Nakshatra, ruled by Ketu... who is placed in the 10th house of Karma-Shtana, with low profile miscreants Mandi and Gulika around.
2. Lagna Lord Sun/Ravi is placed in the 7th house of Kalathra-Sthana and posited in the Lunar Constellation of Shatabisha Nakshatra, ruled by Rahu. He is in very close proximity to Saturn/Shani-dev, the 7th lord of Kalathra-Sthana and has torched the planetary heavy-weight... something that is not really preferred. Venus/Shukra, the natural or Naisargika Kalathara-Karaka is hoovering around. To make matters worse, 2nd lord of Family Expansion and 11th lord of Desire Fulfillment Mercury/Budha is Vakra/Retrograde and also placed there. For the records Mercury/Budha is not really comfortable or happy being placed there and can prove to be detrimental for related significance.
3. Moon/Chandra is strongly placed in his Swasthana in Karkatraka Rashi and posited in the Lunar Constellation of Pushya Nakshatra, ruled by Saturn/Shani-dev. He seems to be caught in the middle of nowhere, without much of support on either side of the flanks, creating a partially cancelled Kemadruma Yoga, making you a bit of a loner with few friends and little social life. In my humble opinion, you have an independent/stubborn/rigid mind of your own. Add the effect of Uccha or exalted Mars/Kuja to the mix and mutual aspect of each other is not preferable either.
4. For the records, Lunar Nodes (Rahu/Ketu) have a strong foot-print and perhaps a significant influence over the native's life. Incidentally, they are placed in what is considered to be their Neecha-Sthata or signs of debilitation.
5. Currently in the fag end of Mercury/Budha Maha-Dasha and in the midst of Saturn/Shani-dev's Antara until August 2024. Subsequently, you'll start Maha-Dasha of Ketu.
6. From a planetary transit point of view, you will soon be starting Ashtama-Shani and Saturn/Shani-dev's return or his transit across his natal placement.

Given the situation and my understanding (about possibly a tough childhood), I foresee some inherent challenges and delay (which is obvious). If proactive and constructive measures are not taken, the delay could tend towards an inordinate delay and in the worst case towards denial. Kindly consider seeking help and guidance from experienced and knowledgeable experts for personal counselling and Vedic/Dharmic guidance. On the sidelines, I'd also encourage you to be a bit proactive, courageous and take initiatives (Jupiter/Guru placed in the 3rd house is not being helpful), tone down any unreasonable expectations you or family might have, to consider a reasonable alliance - including perhaps an unconventional one.

Further, I'm inclined to think the concept of Desha-Kaala-Patra (Religion/Caste/Family Pride, Stature, capabilities, limitations etc.) plays a very prominent or significant role in the unfolding of Karma in our lives. That information is quint essential for mere mortals like me to understand such charts. Something that we miss out in a virtual world (internet forum) like this. So, please feel free to disregard or ignore anything that is not to your taste or liking.


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Re: Marriage and Children Prospects

Post by antara » 17 Apr 2022

Hello Shishya ji,
Thank you so much for the detailed reply. I can relate to what you have observed in my chart and will try to seek remedial help.

Hello Sujit ji,
Thank you so much for the clarity. I was under the impression that it is the chalit chart to be seen for Manglik effects.

Thank you again both for taking the time to reply.

Best Regards,

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Re: Marriage and Children Prospects

Post by ProfessorPyareLal » 06 May 2022

Dear Antara,

At a glance, your horoscope is good.

I see positives with regards to your marriage and matrimonial journey. There may be delay though, because of Punarphoo but that's good in ways.

Actually, Mars in your horoscope is quite good - and bestows your horoscope with proactive parents, luxuries, materialistic comforts, knowledge and is benefic.
So also Rahu, Ketu, Sun, Jupiter, Saturn - all are positive.

All of them give you royalty in your mindset and lifestyle, make you respectful towards God and elders..and give you positive vibes and adulation from good people.
You're perhaps well educated and respected and at the same time opinionated about liking and disliking people, places, things, situations.

You may have love or arrange marriage with some amount of liking to someone from different community and/or age band.
Suggest you to choose your groom who is not dominating (importantly) and is adjusting, compromising, patient, easy to decipher, good-hearted and sensible because that would ensure all-round happiness in your marriage. At the sametime, it is imperative that you choose your groom whom you'd genuinely respect always (important).

I foresee the earliest marriage potential period in your horoscope between mid November 2022 till early December 2022 (that's if you're earnestly pursuing). Also, it's fine to wait till third quarter of 2024 as from that period onwards the potentials become very suitable.
Irrespective, thorough matchmaking is necessary for smooth matrimonial journey.

Prospects of having children in your horoscope is all fine. Both natural and artificial (cesarean, etc.) are possible, smoothly and successfully.

There are no remedies whatsoever required in your horoscope.
You may wear Ruby for overall (including matrimonial) positivity.

Rectified birth time to : 17:58:28 hours.

Hope this's useful.
Thanks and cheers,
"..ये तो अभी हैं मेरा छोटा सा करिश्मा.."

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