why my sex life is dull and dry?

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why my sex life is dull and dry?

Post by avinash16 » 11 Jun 2021

Can anybody tell me, is my sex life always be going to be dull and dry till eternity?

my details:
male./ single./ 16 sep 1980
1435 hours
Saharanpur, UP, India

My love- relationships always end in a very short time (1-3 months)
When I am around females, I can easily attract females, but somehow , it never works for me

I haven't had sex since 2013.
Why this is happening in my life?

Please advise
Best regards

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Re: why my sex life is dull and dry?

Post by Shivshankar » 14 Jun 2021

Birth time not correct. Bed pleasures denied mostly.

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Re: why my sex life is dull and dry?

Post by Sishya » 14 Jun 2021


I've had a chance to cast your birth-chart and observe planetary placements and their condition. Quite frankly, I've been forced to spend more than studying your chart than it is usually/normally needed. Below are a few notes that are relevant for your situation:
1. Udaya Lagna is placed in Dhanur Rashi and posited in the Lunar Constellation of Purvashada Nakshatra, ruled by Venus/Shukra... who is uncomfortably placed in the 8th house of Randra-Sthana.
2. Lagna &4th Lord of homely comfort seems to be well placed in the 9th house of Dharma/Bhagya-Sthana in Simha Rashi. But then, he seems to be too close to Sun/Ravi for comfort and looks to be torched or combust.
3. Malefic Ketu placed in the 2nd house of Family Expansion and aspecting 7th & 10th lord Mercury/Budha, placed in the 10th house is not a good sign.
4. Saturn/Shani-dev, the 3rd lord of courage and initiatives is uncomfortably posited in Uttara-Phalguni Nakshatra, ruled by enemy Sun/Ravi. Further, he has been torched or is combust for being in close proximity to Sun/Ravi.
5. Mercury/Budha, the 7th lord of Kalathra-Sthana (& 10th lord of Karma-Sthana) seems to be well placed in his Uccha-Sthana or sign of exaltation in Kanya Rashi. But then, he is caught in a strong Papakartari Yoga, between hardcore malefics Mars/Kuja and Saturn/Shani-dev. Further, he is posite in the Lunar Constellation of Hasta Nakshatra, ruled by Moon/Chandra - the Mano-Karaka... who is precariously placed in his Neecha-Sthana or sign of debilitation in the 12th house of Vyaya/Losses/Bed-Pleasure. Low-profile malefics Mandi and Gulika hovering around are not preferred either - nor the aspects of Rahu and Saturn/Shani-dev. Thereafter, I'm forced to wonder applicability of a concept called Kendradipathya Dosha.
6. Venus/Shukra, the 11th lord of Labha-Sthana and desire fulfillment (also lords the 6th house of Roga-Sthana) is uncomfortably placed in the 8th house of Randra-Sthana and loosely conjunct Rahu. The 11th house itself is occupied by Mars/Kuja, who is posited in the Lunar Constellation of Swati Nakshatra, ruled by Rahu. Rahu is posited in the Lunar Constellation of Ashlesha Nakshatra, ruled by 7th and 10th lord Mercury/Budha. Incidentally, current Maha-Dasha is that of Venus/Shukra and he has activated Rahu... who I'm inclined to think has influenced associated/connected Grahas/Planets.

Now, it would perhaps make sense for you to help me/us understand your mindset and intent in having sex/relationships in the past. To me, it looks like marriage/relationship was perhaps delayed... but not really denied. So, I'm forced to wonder if you've already been married (Gandharva Vivaha) or got into a relationship with promise of marriage - you cannot deny using or rather misusing your intelligence, for selfish/greedy or unholy cause.

Request you to kindly ignore anything (in this post) that is not to your taste or liking...


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Re: why my sex life is dull and dry?

Post by Pem » 15 Jun 2021

Hello avinash
This area will be better after February 2025.
Venus, the present MD ruler is subdued by its dispositor, the Moon,
ruler of 8H and placed in the 12H - fallen.
Moon and Venus are big enemies apart from Venus being eclipsed.
On the other hand, Rahu causes attractions and this was around April 2012
which you mention did cause the last sexual attractions.
I hope it helps you.
AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. ***Pls check my post Mantras for Planets***

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