delays/fights/confusions with partner

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delays/fights/confusions with partner

Post by njdoc1090 » 24 Apr 2021


I had posted last year in november about not finding partner. with gods grace i have found a life partner and we got engaged in march too.. however we are having significant delay in getting married.. everytime marraige is fixed some or other issue happens it was gonna happen in april now due to covid situation its moved to December 2021.

What is the reasons for this delay? besides the delay me and my fiance constantly having fights over hte last month for no reason.. when will all these fights resolve/arguments resolve.. any specific remedies to resolve disputes between us.

My DOB is October 14 1990
Time of birth is 22:37 (10:37 P.m.)
Place of birth: Vadodara gujarat

Her details (I dont konw her time of birth) but
DOB: August 15 1992
POB: Surat, Guajrat

please help what mantras i need to do to make us closer again and avoid more delays/fights?

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Re: delays/fights/confusions with partner

Post by Sishya » 25 Apr 2021


As shared previously, below are a few notes that are relevant for your situation and this thread:
1. Udaya Lagna is placed in Mithuna Rasi and posited in the Lunar Constellation of Aradra Nakshatra, ruled by Rahu - placed in the 8th house.
2. Udaya Lagna being caught between two heavy-weight malefics Mars/Kuja and Ketu to form a strong Papakartari Yoga, affecting self.
3. Although Lagna Lord Mercury/Budha is strongly placed in his Swasthana and Moola-Trikona in Kanya Rasi and is posited in the Lunar Constellation of Hasta Nakshatra ruled by Moon/Chandra - the 2nd lord of family/expansion. He himself is posited in the Lunar Constellation of Magha Nakshatra, ruled by Ketu is not a good sign. For the records Ketu has a notorious reputation for breaking/separating materialist bonds/mindset. To make matters worse, Mercury/Budha is torched/combust and loses out in a Graha Yudha or Planetary war with natural or Naisargika Vivaha-Karaka Venus/Shukra in his Neecha-Sthana or sign of debilitation.
3. Jupiter/Guru, the 7th lord of Kalathara-Sthana is strongly placed in his Uccha-Sthana or exaltation sign of Karaka Rasi and posited in the Lunar Constellation of Pushya Nakshatra, ruled by Saturn/Shani-dev, the 8th (& 9th) lord placed in the 7th house. Both Jupiter/Guru's conjunction with Ketu and being caught in the Ketu-Rahu axis or placement of Saturn/Shani-dev is not really good nor preferred for marriage/relationships.
4. Venus/Shukra, the Vivaha-Karaka is placed in his Neecha-Sthana or debilitation sign of Kanya Rasi and is posited in the Lunar Constellation of (again) Hasta Nakshatra, ruled by Moon/Chandra.
5. It is clearly evident that both Moon/Chandra and Ketu have a very strong foot-print and significant influence, as evident in the chart and assuming I have the right information, Ketu seems to be in Mrityu Bhaga and within Trimsamsa degree.
6. Incidentally, the current Maha-Dasha is that of Moon/Chandra and in the midst of Jupiter/Guru Antara-Dasha.
7. From Gochara or planetary transits perspective, better alignment or beneficial transits are around the corner.

In summary marriage is delayed - not denied. In my humble opinion, Ketu has been playing the spoil-sport. As suggested previously, it would be beneficial for you to consider offering special prayers to Lord Ganesha and Mahadev Shiva with unwavering faith, devotion/bhakti and a strong sankalpa.


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