Brother's marriage delay

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Brother's marriage delay

Post by gauri1580 » 14 Dec 2020

Hi All
My younger brother is going through a tough time from the past 5 years. He is 33 years old and we have been looking for a potential marriage alliance for quite sometime for him.

My parents are quite old and would like him to settled down. But he is not ready as he is in an on-off relationship with a girl, who doesn't want to get married at all. She has convinced him giving some weird reasons that he finds reasonable.

In the past , though he's well educated, but on friends insistance, had made a poor decision to try his luck as an entrepreneur. That business didn't go successfully and he had a major setback in his career. Now he's on a low paying job.

I have a feel that due to some malign planetary positions in his horoscope, he is again getting influenced by people and will go through difficulties in his personal life.

Please someone could review his horoscope and let me know;
- When will he get married and how will be his marital life? Will his life partner be good?
- Will he achieve success in his profession ?

Brother`s birth details;
DOB - 08 September 1987
Time - 13:22 pm
Place - Bareilly , Uttar Pradesh, India


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Re: Brother's marriage delay

Post by Sujit » 29 Jan 2021

I had given readings earlier with previous id-gauri100. do you have feedback.
If you have the right knowledge, EXACT predictions can be made. Astrology is an incredible tool for guidance and one should take note of the energies of changing dasa lords.

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Re: Brother's marriage delay

Post by Sishya » 29 Jan 2021


Currently (since 2011, around the age when most folk start thinking about and get married) Maha-Dasha is that of Uccha or exalted Mercury/Budha, the lord of 8th & 11th houses. He is not really a benefic for the chart. Incidentally, he is in very close conjunction with Ketu... which I believe is contributing to the stated situation.

Udaya Lagna is close to Gandanta degree in Vrischika Rashi and posited in the Lunar Constellation of Jyestha Nakshatra, ruled by Mercury/Budha. Lagna Lord Mars/Kuja seems to be combust for being in close proximity to Sun/Ravi in Simha Rashi. More importantly, Saturn/Shani-dev being placed alongside Udaya Lagna where he is neither happy nor comfortable have played a significant role his life (specially in his formative years, when he went through Saturn/Shani-dev Maha-Dasha). His aspect on the 10th house of Karma-Sthana and presence Sun/Ravi in his Swasthana in Simha Rasi should also be a play. Given the Dhana Yogas in his chart, I'm inclined to think he will do reasonably well in his life, from a monetary perspective.

That said, it does looks like he is headed towards a life of solitude. Given the circumstance, it would perhaps make sense to seek help/guidance from experienced and knowledgeable experts (either in this forum or elsewhere) for appropriate Vedic/Dharmic remedies.

In the interim, it would be beneficial for the native to consider offering special prayers regularly to Lord Ganesha, with unwavering faith, devotion/bhakti and a strong sankalpa.


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