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Please help

Post by ARD123 » 20 Nov 2019

Hello!! I am really frustrated. Please help. I cannot find a wife. I am 30 years old and have never been in a relationship in the past. I’m getting frustrated because I want to get married now but I can’t find anyone worthwhile. Please take a look and let me know when I will find a girl and get married. People have told me that my “marriage time” has already started yet I don’t see any success.

Birth date 8/22/1989
Time 12:13 pm
Place: Ahmedabad, Gujarat India
Sex: male

Please. Why am I getting delayed? I’m not manglik or have any affliction of 7th house. Then why cannot I find a girl or get married? When will I get married? What will my wife be like? Thanks

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Re: Please help

Post by jana2 » 21 Nov 2019

I am not a professional astrololger but maybe I can help with a little of my amateur wisdom :D.
Perhaps you are getting delayed because your venus is in the 12th house in virgo and also in the d9 aswell, so your women will be somewhere "hidden" from you or further away. I also see a connection of your 7th lord with ketu and in navamsa venus is also with ketu maybe that causes the delay aswell.

Since your 7th lord has connection with the 11th house and with the signs of leo and virgo in navamsa I would try spending more time in big social circles/ organizations or a person who is a friend to you and your family ( 2nd house lord in 12th house where your 7th lord is) or service events or places to do with health and daily routines. Maybe your chances of meeting her will increase. Also you might meet her when you are going to an isolated place (hospital maybe? ) or a different city or even country ( 1st lord in 12th house with venus). Maybe even through the help of mother you might be lead toward your woman ( moon in 7th house).

These are the interpretations of an amateur, unfortunately no facts but maybe the connections make sense to you, too. I hope you will get more replies.

Either way you will find a woman, besides she will be lucky to have someone who has been looking for her for such a long time.
Good luck!

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Re: Please help

Post by subramanianp » 21 Nov 2019

Heavy affliction to the 7th lord Mars and Saturn in the 4th from Venus has caused the delay for 7th house results to fructify .
Mars Maha dasa will commence from Feb 2022. Probably you may require to wait till feb 2022.
All the best.
सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः।
सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः।

Astrologically yours.
Subramanian Pandath.

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Re: Please help

Post by Sujit » 24 Nov 2019


A reading was given earlier. Your lagna is weak by debilitation and by dispositor.
I agree with you there is no affliction to 7th house nor you are manglik.
Middle of Dec 2019 you will start the sub period of lagna lord will improve your chances for getting married.
Keep looking some developments are possible during 2020.

- Sujit
If you have the right knowledge, EXACT predictions can be made. Astrology is an incredible tool for guidance and one should take note of the energies of changing dasa lords.

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