second marriage will be intercast.. ?

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Re: second marriage will be intercast.. ?

Post by Sishya » 14 Sep 2021


In your birth-chart, please be aware of Moon/Chandra not being happy or comfortable (even when placed in his Swasthana and conjunct Uccha or exalted Jupiter/Guru) in Karakataka Rashi... the 8th house of Randra-Sthana for Udaya Lagna in Dhanur Rashi,

Similarly Rahu is not comfortable or happy being placed in the 9th house of Bhagya-Sthana in Simha Rashi - neither is Saturn/Shani-dev being placed there.

Thereafter, placement, activation of Grahas/Planets in Dasha/Bhukti and resulting effects is something you might want to learn/realize - as also be aware of.

on the sidelines, please be informed that your husband is in the midst of his Ketu Maha-Dasha. He is in Sookshma Parivarthana with Mars/Kuja (placed alongside Udaya Lagna), at Nakshatral level. And, he is also experiencing some effects of Ashtama-Shani.


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Re: second marriage will be intercast.. ?

Post by jelly29 » 14 Sep 2021

I need some help
I wanted to start a new thread but am getting error
I had filed divorce on mutual grounds separations Feb 21 and was living separate since 2020
April 21 first hearing but then due to absenteeism of judge hearing got postponed
Aug 9 we had a date but judge got retired
Sep 14th New date
Meanwhile ex has gone mad n now doesn't want to divorce n at times wants kid n at times doesn't
Whn will this be over ?
I had initially started dating to fill the vacuum n now I hve moved on with a person whom I really feel at times twin flame connection n had things gone as planned I would hve settled by Dec 2021
Things hve got murkier
Can you hve a Glance n see whn I cn I hve peace ?
Whn will be the case over ? Will the Child boy be with me ?
Whn cn I actually move on in terms of settling down
My details poli 30.6 84 dibrugarh Assam 20.25 f
Pritam ex :11/7/78 guwahati Assam 22.07
Child :16th sep 2016 guwahati Assam 12.15

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Re: second marriage will be intercast.. ?

Post by ProfessorPyareLal » 14 Sep 2021

Dear Uspa, and again,

You've asked me good questions.
uspa wrote:
14 Sep 2021
Namaste Pyarelal ji, These are my husbands birth details if they may help in any further analysis:-

July 19, 1974
9:40 Am

You are very right in what you have mentioned. There are occasional quarrels and misunderstandings. Husbands nature is very good as compared to my ex husband. He is very mature and understands a lot of things. There is a lot of affection from his side too.
Matchmaking can be an laborious, time-consuming task and is elaborate. Here's a condensed reading (in 3 parameters : good, fair, not good), regarding matchmaking of your horoscopes :

1) At overal personality level : good match and compatible

2) Mental and emotional level : somewhere between fair and more towards good. That's because there may be emotional fluctuations but otherwise good at the overall mental frame

3) Energy : the energies are in synchrony, which is good. Mutual or combined initiatives, efforts together may be fruitful and constructive.
The conflicts may be controlled and worked out with proper directions and optimum channels

4) Love, romance : somewhere between not good to fair - this area (4) needs needs to be focussed, worked upon and improved (maybe with combination with (1,2,3,5,6,7). Love and passion needs to be consistent and constant in both your charts and marriage

5) Communication : expression of feelings, thoughts, viewpoints are important in any relationship - it's good

6) Goals : ideals, ambitions, way-forwards match to a good extent

7) Adequacy : Feeling of satisfaction, comfortableness, sense of being with each other, looking up to are at good levels

Overall, the charts match fairly good.

You may want to revisit my earlier posts to you and combine them together to get the big picture and then streamline your efforts towards your marriage.
uspa wrote:
14 Sep 2021
Do you see a divorce potential in our charts ?
To answer another of your question, separation and divorce potentials may be there in both horoscopes but they can be minimised because of good compatibles in your charts. But diligently and proactively working to ensure smooth matrimonial journey remains the key - hence the efforts.
uspa wrote:
14 Sep 2021
For remedies you mentioned to me to wear a Ruby- Is that for lifetime or only for a certain period of time ? How big should the Ruby be and in what hand should I wear it ? Its difficult to find a jamun tree or a neem plant here in USA but I will try to see if I can get it. I appreciate all of your valuable guidance !! Thanks, uspa
About (most of) gemstones, I normally prescribe the weight of the stone to roughly correlate to the native's body weight in kilograms. For example, if the native's weight is 50 kilograms, then 5 ratti ruby, pearl, neelam each are suitable.

I recommend gemstones to be worn throughout.

As mentioned earlier, ruby and pearl are (beneficial) for your marriage, love, romance. Neelam is essentially good, for overall benefics and memorable positive milestones.

Ruby : You may dip ruby ring in milk, honey and water for about half hour, then light incense sticks and pray to the God Sun.

You may then wear ruby set in gold metal ring on right ring finger on Sunday at sunrise.

You may recite mantra the ॐसूर्यायनम: 108 or it's multiples as per your devotion.

You may donate jaggery, wheat.

Pearl : You may dip pearl set in silver ring into Gangajal or cow milk for around half hour and then wear it on your little finger. If you're right handed, then wear it in your right hand and vice versa on Monday at 10:30 hours morning.

You may recite the mantra “ॐसोंसोमायनम” or “Aum Chandraya Nama” 108 or it's multiples as per your devotion.

You may donate rice, milk, silver in water.

Neelam : You may dip neelam set in iron or silver ring in Gangajal and milk for around half hour and wear the ring on the right middle finger on Saturday after Sunset at 21:00 hours night.

You may recite the mantra ॐशंशनिश्चरायनम: 108 or its multiples as per your devotion.

You may donate coconut, mustard oil, cloves, iron, leather.

Hope this's useful.
Take care,
"..ये तो अभी हैं मेरा छोटा सा करिश्मा.."

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