Need rectification based on the events

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Need rectification based on the events

Post by vijayanand1974 » 18 Feb 2019

Hi teachers and students,
I'm seeing most the astrology prediction based in my birth time has a lagging. I mean i see prediction are after the events happened. So I was trying to learn how it is .I want to give my birth details and events for you all to do an analysis and say what exactly is my life.line.
Dob :15 Sept 1974
Time : 10:30 pm( as said by mother , but she is not sure of exact time )+/- 45 mins (22.30)
Place :Bangalore

Events starting age 15 onwards
1. Passed 10th with good marks 1989 april
2. Good engineering seat 1992 Aug (delayed as the exam scheme changed during this year in university)
3. Got into education problem for 1st time 1994 dec
3.1 same time fell in love with a girl
4. Gone back to college again in 1995 july to 1996 aug
5 got into problem in continuing for 2nd time 1996 aug onward
5.1 same time got more.spritual than normal and also lost my girl friend 1996 onwards
6 . Went back to college again in 1998 june , same time got into sports participating nation wide.
7. Completed my degree in 1999 Feb
8 . Went job less and temporary job from 1999 june till 2004 Sept
8.1 meet accident with head injury 2001 jan
8.2 met my girlfriend (now.wife) 2001 march
9. Got a temporary jobs again after long struggle 2004 Sept
10 went out of country on job short term 2005 nov for 4 months
11. Got first permanent job 2005 march
12. Got second permanent job 2006 Sept
13 .my fist kid (son) born july 2007
14. Went out of country for.second time in 2007 nov
15. got third permanent job 2010 march
16. Went out of country often for and good reputation for 2 yrs and change in house location from 2010 sept to 2013 jan
17 things started changing my mind sets to more stress , and change in house location and ny second kid (girl) born in 2013 june
18 . Had stressed job with on-site visit couple of time between 2013 to 2015 nov . And change in location back to origin location
19. Change in job from permanent to contract , and no work but more stress between 2015 march to 2016 aug
20 . Started a freelancer job for 1 year 2016 nov to 2017 Feb , between this there is disturbance and understanding with brothers and sisters.
21 got big contract job 2017 Feb to 2018 april, and still misunderstanding grown up additional with mother .
22. Went job less and started a business and nothing moving ( i mean no projects, no works, no revenue generation) more over anxiety, depression and misunderstanding with mother and sisters. Life looks halted here from 2018 to till date as.of Feb 2019.

Now tracking with astrology
do i come under aries or Taurus ascend ?.
Is my lagna works or rasi works for me?
Why there is no specific business i can choose?
Is there any future in business or in job?
Since sun is Jupiter from 10th house will i enter into politics.?

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Re: Need rectification based on the events

Post by vijayanand1974 » 05 Mar 2019

Hi teachers and students,
After long wait i did my analysis going through time change and ayanamasa changes.
With events mentioned above and my birth chart. I found two things 1) mars and venus are malefic
So when ever I encounter mars or venus in Dasha or antradasa i see bad times in life.
2) B V Raman ayanamasa was the closed possible predictions appeared with respect to events i mentioned.
So now I'm able to see the birth chart rectified to -40mins. That is 9.50 pm instead of 10.30pm.
Only big difference is see between n c lahari ayanamasa was . Lahari or chitra palaya gives the dasa and antra of 1 year late... Compared to raman .
Is there anyone as student or teacher discuss on the justification as im not astrologer I'm just enthusiast in astrology.

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