Europa Cup Final, Stockholm, who will be the winner?

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Europa Cup Final, Stockholm, who will be the winner?

Post by Lex » 24 May 2017

I am supporter of Manchester United.

Manchester United  in the English Premier league ( 2016-2017) table is in 6th, so therefore​ through EPL door, playing in Champions trophy seat is closed. The other way to get into Champions trophy, is to win today's Final scheduled later part of evening at Stockholm against Ajax club ( for IST match will start at Thursday, 0015, hrs) in Europa Cup final and get the Europa title and thereby entry into Champions trophy, Europe's Prestigious tournament for Football Clubs

The Prashna query, will Manchester United win the Europa cup against Ajax to be held early morning tomorrow ( Indian time)?
K.P.Prashna number 197

At the latitude I was in, today is Wednesday, Budha and in the Heaven's map, Udaya lagna was transiting in Vrichika, Kuja and deposited in Anuradha nk and in sub of Budha ( Kuja and Ravi aspects Udaya lagna), today Shani's sign lorded by Ketu ( representing Shani, Kuja), Chandra transiting in Kuja's sign and in Bharani nk, with Budha in Rasi

The Prashna lagna sputa cusp falls in Makara and longitudinally deposited in Shravanna nk and in sub of Rahu and Rahu in Magham nk
Lets see the prashna query and Prashna number tallying, is it connected to game/ competition, win or lose?
Chandra is 7th lord, Shukra in 2nd and also 5th lord, Rahu in 7th bhava, Ketu in lagna bhava
7th denotes opposition, 5th denotes game, Lagna denotes MU
Tallied with Prashna query

6th cusp falls in common sign and deposited in Ardra nk and in sub of Ketu and Ketu in Dhanista nk
12th cusp falls in Guru's sign and deposited in Purvashada nk and in sub of Shukra and Shukra in Revati nk
11th cusp falls in Kuja's ign and deposited in Jyesta nk and in sub of Shukra
5th cusp falls in Shukra's sign and deposited in Rohini nk and in sub of Ketu

Manchester United will not win the Europa Cup by beating Ajax in today's final ( for India tomorrow early morning), therefore Entry into Champions trophy chance will be lost.

PS. My heart goes to Bereaved families at Manchester Arena concert , due to coward acts suicide bomber's self detonated bomb(s). RIP

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Re: Europa Cup Final, Stockholm, who will be the winner?

Post by anuradha » 24 May 2017

Manchester United claimed their second major trophy of the season and secured Champions League football as they overcame Ajax to win the Europa League final in Stockholm.
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