Cyclone Nada...Journey towards Tamil Nadhu?

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Cyclone Nada...Journey towards Tamil Nadhu?

Post by Lex » 01 Dec 2016

Cyclone Nada... A meteorological astrological research through K.P.System Prashna.

Cyclone Nada is expected to hit the lands of shores of Chennai, Cuddalore area( Pudducherry area or district) in another 18 hrs time . Cyclone Nada is reduced its intensity and travelling at a speed of less than 25 km/hr.

The query  " when the Cyclone will landfall in the shores, and will be there any destruction of lives/ properties "?

K.P. Prashna number 113, selected randomly from a book of Taxation.

At the time of analyzing the Prashna chart in my latitude, Today is Thursday, Guru, in the Heaven's map, Udaya lagna was rising in Mesha, Kuja and its depositions it Aswini nk and in sub of Shukra, and today, Chandra in Guru's sign with rapt conjunction with Budha, and both are in Moolam nk
The Divine planets will guide me for prognosis are Shukra, Ketu, Guru, Kuja

Cyclone is alien to me. Therefore appropriate lagna has to be taken, Prashna lagna fell in Hastam k and in sub of Kuja

Therefore, Prashna or Cyclone lagna fell in Rishabham in Rohini nk and in sub of Chandra, and Chandra in Moolam nk
Chandra, who in rapt conjunction with Budha in nirayana rasi in Dhanur , a fiery sign, but in Vrichika bhava
Lets check, Are queries allied with Prashna chart? 
Chandra denotes water, or watery sign lord  Budha denotes wind or a meteorology karaka, Vrichika bhava again denotes a watery sign, Vrichika is normal zodiac's 8th.. denotes peril, and Chandra in vrichika along with Budha, Vrichika is 7th cusp
Queries tallied with Prashna chart.

It is a Prashna analysis, Lets see Chandrakriyas, Chandraavastas and Chandravelhas, Chandra is Cyclone's sub, its 3rd cusp lord, intentions etc and occupied in 7th
Chandrakriyas analysis reveals, the cyclone as such, has left his original habitat or native place
Chandra-avasthas analysis reveals, fully equipped or with  full strength
Chandra- velhas analysis reveals , under study in merry mood in dancing way

Lets see Cyclone nada's intention/mission, 3rd cusp in  again watery sign, karkata in Pushya nk and in sub of Chandra
Chandra in rapt conjunction with Budha in Moolam nk, and Chandra in 7th, Vrichika
Ketu in Kumbha, a fixed again Ketu also denotes deities and today represents Satabhista nk and Shani
Shani in Jyesta nk, while Rahu represents Ravi, Shukra, Shani, Kuja
Ravi, Shani, ( in vrichika sign,  a watery area), while Kuja in last part of Makara ( our sages also classified Makara last portion as watery sign, though it is an earthy sign)
Intention to travel towards a shore area

Lets see, is Cyclone Nada, wish or intent getting fulfilled?
11th cusp falls in Meena sign in Uttaraprostabadha nk and in sub of Chandra

Ohhh there it is, is intention getting fulfilled, since Chandra involved, it is matter of hours, not months ( Budha will help in windiness of Cyclone to move, but since constellation lord is Shani, there will be slowing of arrival at Shore or at Land)
When Cyclone Nada will landfall?
Prashna chart dasa bhukti antara... Chandra in Moolam nk and in sub of Rahu and in subsub of Budha
Ketu dasa Rahu Bhukti and Budha antara, Ketu in good bhava, whereas Budha ( rapt conjunction with Chandra) not in a good bhava ( Budha is deposited in sub of Chandra)
Shukra, Kuja, Guru... very strong coming out
Shukra is already involved in lagna cusp ( Rahu represents Shukra, Ravi, Shani), and Ketu represents Rahu, Shani
Budha in rapt conjunction with Chandra
When Chandra enters in Purvashada nk
Day will be Friday, Shukra... Tomorrow the day in T.N.
Accident Karaka Kuja has to arrive, Kuja is already in Shravanna nk
Budha already in sub of Chandra ( Budha in Guru's sign)
Chandra in Guru's sign

Tomorrow ,Between 0530 hrs and 0600 hrs, Cyclone Nada will landfall in Southern Coast of India.. Bay of Bengal area

Yes there will be loss of lives due to drowning, few oars will be capsized, Ketu as a deity in Kumbha's sign signifying Lord Siva, will protect any further damages of this potential environment danger, not resulting in any threats of Sunami or Dam burst etc.

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Re: Cyclone Nada...Journey towards Tamil Nadhu?

Post by Lex » 01 Dec 2016

As I had predicted in Previous post, Cyclone Nada made a Landfall near Karikal, Pudducherry district, at 0500 hrs.
I had predicted cyclone will hit the coast between 0530 and 0600 hrs, nevertheless Cyclone Nadahit Karikal coast at around 0500hrs today.

I had also said, Lord Siva will protect, Karikal is the place, where ages ago, LOrd Siva's favorite Devotee lived, She been called by Father of Universes, as Ammaiye means Mother, She still known as Karaikal ammaiyar.

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