Academic question -what would planets think about same sex marriage romance?

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Academic question -what would planets think about same sex marriage romance?

Post by abhi8492i » 30 Jun 2020

Hello learned readers,

I've been pondering this a lot lately. There's a great wave of social change happening across world. Lesbian and Gay marriages are less a taboo and more of a serious political discussion.

It got me thinking: when we do gun-milan in any kundali app, the required details remain the same as that of any other astrological analysis -

Place of birth

Sure Jupiter signifies the husband in girl's chart and venus, a wife/girlfriend in a man's, but if we don't provide specifics of gender, the analysis of "compatibility" can still be done. At any rate, it should not be contemptible in Indian culture because our planets in vedic astrology themselves have varying genders. Lord Shiva has a form of 'Ardhnarishwar' and Lord Vishnu had taken an avatar of 'Mohini' which itself is directly responsible for legend that's cited when we talk about creation of Rahu and Ketu. I'm also unaware of any sort of punishment in Vedic culture reserved for those who shun traditonal male/female roles.

Extrapolating on that, It got me wondering what planets themselves, would have to say about it.

As far as My understanding regarding nature of planets go :

Sun: On a purely political basis, He might support it, but on a soul level He might disagree/resent that. Since sun is the karak for soul, of all life on earth. It also rules 5th house of lineage, creativity, children and creation of life, which is not possible between same sex people.

Mercury: Its termed Gender neutral but curious, so there's high chance it'll support that concept if for nothing else than because of its innate curiosity to see how things turn out.

Venus: planet of Love. So I think it'll encourage love-is-love, regardless of gender. it'll be actually happy.

Moon: Is gentle, nurturing but fickle, I honestly have no idea what He might decide. It could change depending on the day, but its not much for marital fidelity, that much is clear. it has 27 wives and it impregnated Jupiter's wife also. But they all have been females.

Jupiter: Tough one. He Is benevolent, bestows happiness and blessings, but it also signifies our tradition, customs, ancient vedic/spiritual knowledge, philosophy and righteousness. I think He'll probably not like it. Breaking traditions. but He could be open for long, lengthy debates. But suggestions are welcome.

Saturn: Saturn would be staunchly opposed to it. It mandates following long-held traditions, by everyone, and likes conformity. He doesn't like change at all, or at least is very slow about it. it restricts and punishes those who deviate from established path. I think He'll naturally oppose it.

Rahu: this one encourages everything taboo, so its probably not a stretch believing he'll encourage such tendencies, and support them whole-heartedly. If for nothing else than due to opposition of everything sun stands for.

Ketu: He'll probably not care either way, unless its some tantric soul ritual involving lots of meditation and renunciation. But if push comes to shove, I think he'll oppose it. note that this, IMO, is more due to how exactly opposite in nature rahu and ketu are.

Mars: Here's one I have extreme trouble forming an opinion about. On the one had, mars rules scorpio, the most sensitive and also 'the' most secretive sign. All hidden affairs and knowledge. LGBT affairs are often marked by a 'getting out of closet ' moment. That they are forced to hide their true nature for a long time, until they're ready to accept consequences. And judgement of society (Saturnian effect). Also, mars is the one that signifies siblings (but especially brothers) and friends. Its a soldier above all else. so brother-in-arms too.

So would it be happy that his brothers-in-arms are connected to each other by something 'more' than shedding blood and sweat together in war? OR, since it represents hyper-masculinity, it'll resent those affairs as weakness and wage war on them? Because why does mars fight? Its to preserve territory, 4th house, homeland, a place where jupiter gets exalted, jupiter who signifies tradition and righteous, dharmic, ancient values. Often times its about philosophy and ideology. Again, that is signified by Jupiter. Sometimes its because of jealosy, ego or a woman, those are rare reasons, however. Mostly it can be categorized as a response to the threat towards the 'way of living' for a people. So if someone challenges that established 'way of living,' the tradition, wouldn't mars don-on his armor and take his sword and goto war?

That one has me scratching my hair in splits.

One last question: if we do accept this change, then what planet we should consider for the partner in such a person's Kundali? Because obviously Venus and Jupiter are gender specific recommendations, so should we look for position of mercury, or Rahu, for such purpose?

All suggestions are welcome.
Thanks in advance,

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