Shripati, K.P. house division, precisely understanding on house division

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Shripati, K.P. house division, precisely understanding on house division

Post by ReformedVivek » 11 Oct 2019

Namaśśivāya|🙏🏻 dear all

I got 2 doubts while I've been going through a wonderful text which was written by by Shripati.
Actually, Astrologers have varied opinion when it comes in choosing houses. This made me to go through BPHS & then Shripati's book & find the correct one's, though I mentally know what correct is. In this text the 1st chapter speaks about Houses.

My 1st doubt:

Shripati clearly tells that any Graha placed at junction of 2 houses will be very weak to give its results. So, let's say Mercury is in Virgo @13°40' & Ascendant is at 13° i.e., arbitrarily choosing very close to Mercury. So, Mercury has to be weak if Bhāva is chosen from that 13° w.r.t. aforesaid bold statement. :? Even though Mercury attains directional strength, exalted its disposition lord being same but w.r.t. above bold statement, is Mercury considered as weak? Because when Mercury is @13°40' it should be considered as it is at Junction of 2 houses (known as Bhāva Sandhi).

My 2nd doubt:

Our Planet Earth is actually Oblate Spheroid in shape. So, this celestial object when subjected to verify its symmetric nature, it reveals that each part when cut into 12 pieces will not be identical w.r.t. each other.
That's why K.P. guys or some other guys uses unequal house division.
However, Pandit Sanjay Rath gives beautiful understanding of why we need to consider equal houses & all. I'll get into that later.

But today, while I was observing various house division in JHōrā, I was little confused w.r.t. Śrīpati house division.

Okay, now let's take an example: At time is 15:07, I've taken the coordinates as Aberdeen (United Kingdom) at this time & saw the Graha configuration.

Let me copy paste it:

House Cusp (|||) Middle (|||) End (|||) Planets in it

1st 13 Sg 06' 58.89" ||| 5 Cp 34' 05.44" ||| 28 Cp 01' 11.98" | As, Sa, Ke, Pl
2nd 28 Cp 01' 11.98" ||| 20 Aq 28' 18.53" ||| 12 Meen 55' 25.07" | Mo, Ne
3rd 12 Pi 55' 25.07" ||| 5 Ar 22' 31.62" |||27 Ar 49' 38.16" | Ur
4th 27 Ar 49' 38.16" ||| 5 Ta 22' 31.62" ||| 12 Ta 55' 25.07"
5th 12 Ta 55' 25.07" ||| 20 Ta 28' 18.53" ||| 28 Ta 01' 11.98"
6th 28 Ta 01' 11.98" ||| 5 Ge 34' 05.44" ||| 13 Ge 06' 58.89"
7th 13 Ge 06' 58.89" ||| 5 Cn 34' 05.44" |||28 Cn 01' 11.98" | Ra
8th 28 Cn 01' 11.98" ||| 20 Le 28' 18.53" ||| 12 Vi 55' 25.07" | Ma
9th 12 Vi 55' 25.07" ||| 5 Li 22' 31.62" ||| 27 Li 49' 38.16" | Su, Me, Ve
10th 27 Li 49' 38.16" ||| 5 Sc 22' 31.62" ||| 12 Sc 55' 25.07"
11th 12 Sc 55' 25.07" ||| 20 Sc 28' 18.53" ||| 28 Sc 01' 11.98" | Ju
12th 28 Sc 01' 11.98" ||| 5 Sg 34' 05.44" ||| 13 Sg 06' 58.89" | As

Ascendant is chosen as start of 1st house. Though I don't subscribe to any of these views. But It's just a case study.
In the aforesaid Bhāva configuration details, I've colored few zodiac signs.
So, by assuming the Mid point longitudinal lord to be the lord of a house, Mid point longitudinal lord meaning the lord of a house who is lorded by the Mid point of a zodiac sign (Bhāva Madhya lord)

We could infer that Venus is lorded by 4th, 5th & 9th houses respectively & Mars is lorded by 3rd, 10th & 11th houses respectively. Jupiter & Mercury are lorded by 1 each house respectively.
Even if we use K.P. Placidus houses, Mars is lorded by 3rd, 4th, 11th & 12th houses respectively & Venus is lorded by 5th, 6th, 9th & 10th houses respectively. (4 Bhāva's :roll: ) This is bizarre!

Now, is this true? Can a Graha be lorded by 3 or 4 houses? :wink:

All your thoughts are much appreciated!
Thanks & Regards

Vivēk :)

I am a student of astrology!

ॐ पराशर ऋषये नमः।🙇🏻🙏🏻
सर्वम् दक्षिणामूर्त्यपणमस्तु।💘 इति तत् सत्।

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Re: Shripati, K.P. house division, precisely understanding on house division

Post by vedam33 » 04 Dec 2019

Since the kp follows unequal house division so there is probability that a planet can rule three houses and a planet can’t rule a house in certain cases

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Re: Shripati, K.P. house division, precisely understanding on house division

Post by tylorechandra » 04 Dec 2019

Bhava madhya is a concept used when the Lagna is treated as the mid point of the first house. The mid points of other houses determined as per the bhava chart preparation method used (unequal houses / equal houses) become the bhava madhya of those houses. When Lagna is considered as the starting point, the concept of bhava madhya in the above stated sense is not applicable.

It is generally not possible for two bhava madhyas to point to the same point.

The other doubt is likewise related to the choice of Ascendant as the bhava madhya or bhava Arambha. Generally, a planet close to the Asc gives good results (similar for other bhavas too). At the same time its avastha (according to the Rasi chart - avastha is not defined in the Bhava chart) may be bad and hence the type of result may vary.


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