Bhav Chalit being used as an excuse for wrong prediction

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Bhav Chalit being used as an excuse for wrong prediction

Post by Shivoham » 10 May 2019

I have seen time & again that Bhav Chalit is being used by so called astrologers as an excuse for their wrong prediction. I was chatting with our group of astrology enthusiasts & they brought many such cases forward where incompetent astrologers have used BC excuse when the prediction didn't work out at all.
Many well known mainstream astrologers are not even using BC such as KN Rao, VP Goel, Sanjay Rath, Visit Larsen etc. The one who is using it such as PVR has changed his stance time & again. Earlier he used to propagate ascendant as start of house & now he's preaching ascendant as middle of 1st house. Most of the astrological softwares use ascendant as middle of the 1st house such as Parashara Light, Kala, JH etc.
My current understanding on BC is influenced by Chandra Lagna, Elipsis & JoyD. They all support Ascendant as start of the 1st house. This is similar to KP/Placidus system. It seems to be practically working for me.
Share your views on this

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Re: Bhav Chalit being used as an excuse for wrong prediction

Post by Izarith » 11 May 2019

Hello Shivoham,

May I ask in what way Bhav Chalit is being used excuse for wrong predictions?

I use Bhav Chalit with Lagna in middle of 1st house and I am not able to no longer use it any more. I do not generally make future transit predictions and I am learning from the ground up and only predict on personality and current life events, early childhood, relationships, health and such.

But, the power of Bhav Chalit is easly seen with Surya, Guru, Chandra, in the 1st house pushed into the 12th with Bhav Chalit. Bhav Chalit in other house works as well but it is very cut and dry obvious that Bhav Chalit works with Sun, Jupiter and Moon in the 1st pushed into the 12th.

I make wrong predictions all the time as I am not an astrologer but just an enthusiast learning. But Bhav Chalit has dramatically increased my accuracy.

I have found that there is also a longitudinal distortion of houses that needs to be consulted when it comes to peoples charts. A calculation that crams multiple houses into single zodiac sign if they are born to far north or south of the equator.

Also one should start with examination of Sun not being at 0 degrees, Tithi and Vara before attempting to predict a person's chart.

I read around 20 charts a week for practice advising each person that I am just learning and require their feed back. Most people tell me what I get wrong, like parents profession (something I usually get wrong) among other things. But generally people are blown completely away with my reading using these concepts.

I also combine Bhav Chalit with NVR's pushya-paksha Ayanamsa and feel really confident with it as I have compared a chart read in a video by Vistry Larson Using Lahiti and seen what he was explaining about the persons life mare clearly is a side by side comparison.

I do not subscribe to any method, they all seen to work in their own way. But, I have grown little by little, error by error, to the point where I and more acurate using these methods in my amateur wanabe status.


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Re: Bhav Chalit being used as an excuse for wrong prediction

Post by sammyho148 » 17 May 2019

I am still undecided on the Bhav Chalit chart since there is some ambiguity in how to use this

1) Does one use Placidus house system/Sripathi system or equal house system?
2) Does one use lagna as start or middle of first bhava?
3) If one is using KP then any small change in above two will change the sub lords of important cusps and predictions can thus change completely

In my own chart and own real time experience of how events are transpiring if I use placidus houses with lagna as start of first bhava then Jupiter goes to 7th bhava in Chalit chart - if anything Ju has given 8th house results in both the AD's I have been through so far.

As of now I am more comfortable using traditional rasi chart & principles rather than give too much importance to Bhav Chalit chart. I think I need more experience in chart reading before I start using Bhav Chalit in a more consistent and reliable manner. Too often we tend to fault certain methods while our own ability is yet to develop to an extent to be able to apply the method - I do not want to make this mistake

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Re: Bhav Chalit being used as an excuse for wrong prediction

Post by skrajiv » 19 May 2019

Yes, this Bhava chalit is tending to be a perennial issue. I completely agree that astros are using this tool to give an excuse. PVR Sir for instance has started to adopt Bhava chart mid point not only on rasi chart but even in the divisional charts. Already we are having plenty of issues with Ayanamsa. Using Bhava as a substitute or additional layer to rasi chart is only complicating things further.

These are the three common methodologies used when deciphering a chart. It will be good to know the option which many follow.

Option 1 : Whole Sign House Ascendant or Traditional Method
Illustration Ascendant Aries 29 degrees, Venus 2 degrees in Taurus and Mercury 27 degree in Aries. Venus will be counted as second house and Mercury as 1st house.

Option 2 : Ascendant is middle of first house - Adopted in recent times by many vedic astrologers
Illustration Ascendant Aries 27 degrees, Venus 4 degrees Taurus and Mercury 10 degrees Aries. Here Venus will be counted as first house and Mercury as twelfth house. First house spans from 12 degree Aries to 12 degree Taurus and 27 degrees happens to be the mid point of 1st house.

Option 3 : Ascendant is start of first house. Mainly used in KP system and also Western Astrology (Placidus)
Illustration Ascendant Taurus 6 degrees, Venus 3 degrees Taurus and Mercury 1 degree Taurus. Both Venus and Mercury will be counted as 12th house. First house will roughly span from 6 degrees Taurus to 6 degrees Gemini.

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