Mean Node vs. True Node

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Khoo Hock Leong
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Mean Node vs. True Node

Post by Khoo Hock Leong » 10 Apr 2019

Hi Learned Members

Should we use mean nodes or true nodes for chart interpretation?

When they differ in a person's chart, it is not just they are in a different signs in the Rasi chart if they are placed towards the end of the sign in the Rasi, but even if they are in the middle of the sign in the Rasi, they can be in different padas of the Navamsa, which means different bhavas in the Navamsa chart.

From my experience when they differ, mean nodes show your destiny in this current life like the use of Rahu for the 8 charakaraka calculation, but true nodes show the vibrational energy of the nodes, which manifests ocassionally in this current life, but which is your true nature which will spill over to your next life.

The mean node never goes forward so it shos your ttue dedtiny in this current life. They have no real masses like the normal grahas, so to treat them as sometimes changing direction woild mean it would be very difficult to delineate their effects on our destiny in this current life. That is why shastras on astronomy and mundane astrology do not didpute the use of mean nodes, since after all for the books I menyioned, they are forecasting mundane events. Also Jaimini's 8 chara karaka dystem, is also to delineate different departments of life, so vibrational erratic energy of the nodes are discounted (they have no masses after all).

The true nodes, however, does show your true potrntial. If you want yo reach out for the stars for this life and future lives if you do not attain moksha, then true nodes would be the way to go.

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Mac Khoo Hock Leong

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Re: Mean Node vs. True Node

Post by Shivoham » 23 Apr 2019

If you are an astrologer then use Mean Nodes & if you are an astronomer then use True Nodes. This method is propogated by Sanjay Rath & his disciples such as Visti Larsen.

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Re: Mean Node vs. True Node

Post by SilverAngel » 24 Apr 2019

The astrologer, Kapiel Raaj, said to use the True Nodes.

The True Nodes are the actual position of the nodes. The mean nodes are an approximation of where the nodes supposedly are. So, when reading a chart, it's always better to have the true information instead of an approximation/average.

I use True Nodes because it gives me the actual position of the nodes.

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Re: Mean Node vs. True Node

Post by GodGrace » 10 Nov 2019

I have seen one of K N Rao sir's article where they were using True Node, also PVR sir has recommended True node in JHora.
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