The 6th-12th Axis

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Khoo Hock Leong
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The 6th-12th Axis

Post by Khoo Hock Leong » 07 Feb 2019

Hi Learned Members

All grahas cast a 7th aspect.

If one has grahas in the 6th bhava, it will cancel the malefic effects of the 12th bhava - a kind of Vipareet Rja Yoga.

If one has grahas in the 12th bhava, it will cancel the malefic effects of the 6th bhava.

If one has grahas in both 6th and 12th bhavas, cancellation exists along the 6th-12th axis.

To determine the exact cancellation, including to take stock the exact amount of negative or positive energy left after the cancellation as the case may be, the number of planets participating in the cancellation, and whether they rule negative (dusthanas, marakas, kendra pathi dosas) or positive (other than the aforesaid list) bhavas must be taken into account.

Negatives with positives give cancellation using the additive principle. Negatives with negatives give cancellation using the multiplicative principle. Positives with positives water down the negative effects due to their positive qualities. The degree of dampening depends on how good the positives are.

Thus people with planets in the 12th only are cusioned against the malefic effects of the 6th. People tend to leave them alone to do their own things and they have an easier time understanding spiritual things. But they can also become morose if they go about alone too often.

People with planets in the 6th only are cushioned against the malefic effects of the 12th. They have no time for day-dreaming. But it also makes them seek recourse in spirituality only through work.

Best Rgds
Mac Khoo Hock Leong

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Re: The 6th-12th Axis

Post by Rupesh » 08 Feb 2019

Hi Khoo Hock Leong,

How does it work for Libra ascendant having Ketu in 6th and Rahu in 12 house?

Please provide your views and experience.


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Re: The 6th-12th Axis

Post by justchill » 08 Feb 2019

Dear Khoo,

I have three planets in the 6th and lagna lord in the 12th.

Asc - Pisces - Uttarabhadra pada 3
ketu - Taurus - rohini pada 4
Saturn - Gemini - punarvasu pada 1
Venus - Cancer - Asresha pada 2
mercury - leo - poorvaphalguni pada 3
mars - leo - uttarphalguni pada 1
sun - leo - magha pada 4
rahu - scorpio - jyeshtha pada 2
moon - saggitarius - poorvashada pada 4
jupiter (R)- aquarius - poorvabhadra pada 1

I have 3 planets in the 6th house. 3 malefics. Now I am running jupiters MD since july 2017. Since they are directly opposite to the 12th house what would be the effect. Also curious as my efforts for learning in order to get a job have been on and off. The drive died off I feel no motivation yet I want to work. Since jupiter rules the 10th and 6th house is also related to work.

Jai Shri Ram

Best regards

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Re: The 6th-12th Axis

Post by Dashas » 14 Feb 2019

Hello khoo,

So you are saying that negative outcome wont be there?
Let's say for virgo asc, mars and ketu in 6th (both in rahu's nakshtra) and rahu in 12th(ketu's nakshtra), they nullify each other?


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Re: The 6th-12th Axis

Post by seenuastro » 18 Feb 2019

In case of me also,the same thing,6th house owner is in 6th house and 12th house contains mars Jupiter and venus as being 10th lord,so how it works for me, as I am jobless now, also I am Leo ascendant.

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