The Power of Mars and Venus

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The Power of Mars and Venus

Post by radiance » 09 Apr 2018

Interviewer At 45, do you think you're more conscious now about what you eat, your health...
Shahrukh Khan(Actor): No, I don't sleep. I smoke about a 100 cigarettes. I forget to eat. I have to eat food. I just remembered halfway through your shoot. Umm...I don't drink water. I have about 30 cups of black coffee and I have a six-pack. So the less I take care of myself, the more I get taken care of.

This post isn’t about SRK. Rather it’s about someone I know more closely and can draw some parallels with SRK. This post is dedicated to my friend whom I stay with!

He is basically a MBA graduate working on the finance side, is crazy about football (literally eats, sleeps and lives the game) and has immense artistic talent.

July 18 1991 (Chitra Nakshatra - Time not available)
Thrissur, Kerala

Mars has number 9 assigned to it. Note he is a day 9 person, destiny number 9, Mars Nakshatra and Mars conjunct Venus in fire sign Leo altogether pointing to very strong mars. Sun and (possibly)moon vargottam.

Now coming to his character and talents. Apparently he is very skilled at work. Not only has he received appreciation several times, he stretches many a times to help others at office. I see him leave around 9-10 in the morning only to return around 11:30-12 in the night.

As someone fully crazy over football, his weekends are mostly spent in local sports arenas sometimes in bad weather and at odd times as well. Even with his hectic office and active outdoor schedule, he is a light sleeper. Horrible food habits – almost never has breakfast, skips lunch at times and dinner usually after 11. Always goes for fried/unhealthy items and almost never drinks water just like SRK. Every single day I see him having a Sprite/Coke or other soft drink. Yet his physique is perfect. Big thighs, slim abs and good biceps – as can be seen in any good footballer/athlete. Considering he never goes to a gym and has erratic sleep and food habits this is just amazing. He knows people in the state level football team and it could only be a lack of opportunities/direction that he isn’t already playing among them. His family circumstances not being that good might be one reason for it.I have observed that he tolerates hunger well. Can live by on one good meal in the night. And a fantastic humble & tolerant nature to go with it. This is justified by superb placement of mars.

I have a high opinion of him not because I stay with him but because I am the complete opposite in many aspects. As someone with Mars highly combust in a water sign, I am quite lethargic and if I skip a meal, get irritated as well. So fasting is extremely difficult for me. I am also rather quick to lose temper. He is unassuming and down to earth. Has lots of friends and waves at street side vendors(yep- friends with them as well thanks to the modest background he himself has). I, on the other hand have very few friends and take a lot of time to mingle with anyone(Sun in 11th). Basically his temperament is beyond imagination from my perspective and a source of inspiration as well.

He also has an artistic side which not many know of(this is his hidden side). Does pencil sketches, animation in computer, is adept at building physical scaled models (complete sceneries in fact including life size trees, benches lamp posts etc using wood, thermocol, plastic what not). Some time back he created a graveyard replica and I saw him fully involved in this too including building and mixing of paints etc. He knows the intricacies and tricks of the trade here as well.

Purpose of elaborating all this above is to show that not only is he intelligent when it comes to work, he is also a super-active athlete and a talented creative artist – a multifaceted guy about whom I had been thinking of writing about for some time. Someone gifted with intelligence, stamina and creative skills is a rare combination and can easily be considered a blessed one and I truly believe the mars conjunct venus in his chart is nothing but the blessing of Lord Hanuman & Saraswati herself. In fact, the exalted Jupiter with mercury and venus, mars in the next house to it could as well be a Saraswati Yoga however in addition strong mars effect can also be seen. And blessed he surely is – will say he is pure at heart and doesn't poke head in others' affair's. Also dozes off in under a minute while watching TV. A saying goes the faster you fall asleep the less worries you have and the less cluttered your mind is.

So, this basically is what a strong mars & venus combo can do in your life with blessings from Jupiter and Sun. Perhaps there are a lot of people out there with mutliple skills. What really amuses me is the down-to-earth attitude and totally unselfish nature of his.

Would have really liked to know his actual time of birth however he doesn’t know about it. Carefree as he is I wouldn’t want to press him for it as I run the risk of coming across as a freak looking into astrology and all. He is least bothered about the occult world. We are different in several ways especially when it comes to cleanliness(he could improve) and being careful with money especially as his family seem to have a lot many loans to repay. Well, he is 10 years younger to me so perhaps can afford to be lenient with food habits etc. for now. In any case, oblivious to him, would like to wish him the best of luck for the future.

~~ May Lord Hanuman shower his blessings on us all ~~

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Re: The Power of Mars and Venus

Post by rathore » 09 Apr 2018

If Saturn is in own sign aspected by Jupiter, one will be famous for his good qualities, be a king, or be of royal scion, long-lived and be free from diseases.

Some of the above have come to pass as you indicated. All will not come to pass because other planets have their say as well.

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Re: The Power of Mars and Venus

Post by anush1204 » 09 Apr 2018

Hi ,

I have Saturn in capricon (2nd house) , rahu Mercury vand sun also in second house and Jupiter and ketu in 8th house cancer is they both aspecting each other ?
I am sagattirus ascedent could you please tell me ?


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Re: The Power of Mars and Venus

Post by parasmani » 18 Apr 2019

I have a mars venus conjunction in cancer 10th house. I am quite lazy myself.

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