How do I WEAKEN a strong 6th house?

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How do I WEAKEN a strong 6th house?

Post by balapandian » 21 Jun 2017

In my natal chart, both Jupiter and Rahu sit in the 6th house, also Jupiter is in its own house makes a strong 6th house and creates enemies, quarrels, court cases, severe health issues and weak body. 6th house - Sagittarius - Rahu and Jupiter. I'm a cancer ascendant

How to WEAKEN a strong 6th house?
Can I wear Yellow sapphire?

I'm a Cancer Ascendant and I was born in waning moon( 9 days after full moon ). Also Moon is placed in bad 3rd house. So, my waning moon is weak or malefic?

I have Sensitive, Moodiness, irritability, emotional instability, tension, anger, low confidence.
Can I wear Pearl?

my birth chart:

1st house - Cancer - no planets

2nd house - Leo - no planets

3rd house - virgo - moon - waning ( 9 days after full moon )

4th house - Libra - venus and mars

5th house - scorpio - mercury(R) and Sun

6th house - Sagittarius - Rahu and Jupiter

7th house - Capricorn - no planets

8th house - Aquarius - no planet

9th house - Pisces - no planets

10th house - Aries - no planets

11th house - Taurus - Saturn(R)

12th house - Gemini - Ketu

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Re: How do I WEAKEN a strong 6th house?

Post by tejomaya » 27 Jun 2017

Namaste- It is not very fruitful to try and weaken your 6th house. Better to look for ways to improve your health through remedies for general health( ayushya suktam/homam, mrtyunjaya mantra japa/homa etc.). Since you have Lagnadhipathi as Chandra, he will not be a malefic for you. However, any date after panchami will make it a weak moon.It would be a good idea to perform remedies for Guru chandala yoga caused by Rahu and Jupiter conjunction.

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Re: How do I WEAKEN a strong 6th house?

Post by Surya_1 » 27 Jun 2017

Thats not the right way to look at the horoscope.
Affairs of God has to be understood differently from Remedies like stuff.
Astrology is still a weather forecastor and you drive the choices, events and experiences.

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Re: How do I WEAKEN a strong 6th house?

Post by majestik108 » 01 Aug 2017

I'm not even close to being an expert on astrology and am a student. So take what I say with a grain of salt.

A strong 6th house is a good thing, especially with the 6th lord being placed there. It creates a good yoga called Harsha. A strong 6th house basically allows you to confront and overcome the significations of the sixth house better (debts, diseases, etc). This Jupiter is also particularly strong because it's in Sagittarius which is it's mooltrikona sign.

Rahu being the co-lord of Aquarius which is your 8th house is also placed in the 6th house, boom, Viparita Raja Yoga.

Even though Jupiter being with Rahu will negatively impact some of Jupiter's significations, the effect will not be very pronounced since Jupiter is powerful and is also the 9th lord.

In my humble view, your issues are caused by the dispositor of your Moon (Mercury) being in Scorpio which is a chaotic sign by nature, not Jupiter.

Maybe instead of dropping thousands of dollars on a gemstone, try to develop some of the traits of your Moon sign as cognitive change is a far more effective remedy than a gemstone (and significantly cheaper too). In your case, attempt to be more logical in your thinking. Right now what's happening is that your emotions are influencing your perceptions of yourself in a negative way, and since Moon's dispositor Mercury is in Scorpio, these emotions will fluctuate and in turn will cause you stress as your perceptions of yourself will change with your feelings, which will undoubtedly result in the symptoms you've described.

Remember, emotions are one of the worst things to base your identity on.

Best of luck!

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