Significance of Kaala Lord and Mahakala Lord

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Significance of Kaala Lord and Mahakala Lord

Post by kappy » 17 Mar 2014

Dear Friends,

I have 2 questions...

Question 1.

Can someone please point me in the right direction as to what the Kaala Lord and Mahakala Lord signify in a vedic chart.

I'm asking this question because some people recommend propitiating the Kaala Lord whilst some recommend not praying to them because they can create more problem - can someone please clarify this for me?

Question 2.

I was reading the post by Khoo Hock Leong on this topic and he states "But what if the Rudra is also the Kaala Lord and/or Mahakala? Worshipping the planets would then entail much suffering before the problem can be resolved. Be prepared for that"..

What is the Rudra??

Many Thanks

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Re: Significance of Kaala Lord and Mahakala Lord

Post by lefteye » 21 Jun 2020

Hora lord is Parashari concept and reckoned from the regular Hora table. Ruler of that hora is Hora lord. Kaala Lord is another ruler in non-Parashari concept.So it is difficult to find references anywhere-except the SJC school of thought.

The time concept is cyclical in vedic astrology. But it is linear in practical world as it seems to be more logical.The time divisions are controlled by Yamaraj and Kaala,both being the sons of Sun God. We have the concept of Kaala chakra over the regular dig chakra and in both cases the arrangements of planets may be noted to change drastically.

In this process, we have 16 divisions of time-each of 1.5 hrs duration. The divisions are standad and found their first mentioning in Hari hara's Prasanna Marga. The Kaala lord will bring trouble always to the natives. Remedy is to worship the planet diagonally opposite to the kaala lord. Eg-If Jupiter is Kaala lord,worship Moon. If Saturn is the Kaala,worship Mars.

It took more than an year to understand Kaala lord for me. The answers provided by senior member Khoo Hock Leong ji are source of inspiration for me but I am yet to understand Mahakaala-

Note to Admin and Ramanan Sir
Source of the content-both write up and images
2007 Oct-Dec issue of Jyotish Digest gives a good description of these concepts.
As for reproducing the contents Pt Sanjay Rathji insists on putting the proper reference as SJC whenever one uses his articles. Please approve this answer.
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