Two Lakshmi Yogas, Kala Nidhi Yoga and Saraswati Yoga

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Khoo Hock Leong
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Two Lakshmi Yogas, Kala Nidhi Yoga and Saraswati Yoga

Post by Khoo Hock Leong » 04 Jun 2011

Hi Learned Members

In this post I am going to introduce you to 4 yogas that involve Jupiter or the ninth Lord. All these yogas give blessings except that only the Lakshmi Yogas give wealth.

Kala Nidhi Yoga (the Yoga of Skill)

This is defined as 2 ways.

In the Vedic tradition, there are sixty-four classical skills ranging from simplest
to most complex. They begin with butchery and end with Jyotish, the sixty-fourth
and highest skill. Kala can be variously translated as the Moon, because it is a
word for a one-sixteenth portion of the moon, as digits, because it can mean a
small portion of something, but in this context its most relevant translation is
in reference to the sixty-four kalas.

Skill is defined at as:

1. the ability, coming from one's knowledge, practice, aptitude, etc., to do
something well: Carpentry was one of his many skills.
2. competent excellence in performance; expertness; dexterity: The dancers
performed with skill.
3. a craft, trade, or job requiring manual dexterity or special training in
which a person has competence and experience: the skill of cabinetmaking.

The yoga is defined in two ways. First, as Jupiter in the second house or fifth
house associated or aspected by Mercury and Venus; second, as Jupiter occupying
a rashi of Mercury or Venus. I suspect the latter definition becomes more
significant when Jupiter occupies such a rashi and the second or fifth house, or
at least aspects the second house, fifth house, ascendant, or ascendant lord.

Saraswati Yoga

Saraswati Yoga, a much more well-known yoga
whose definition is that Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury occupy a kendra or kona or
the second house and Jupiter occupies its own, exaltation or friendly rashi and
possesses strength. Very rarely, a person could have both Kala Nidhi Yoga and
Saraswati Yoga if Jupiter were strong in a friendly, own or exaltation sign, in
the second or fifth and Mercury and Venus were in the same rashi, but other than
that instance, the two yogas diverge.

And they diverge in meaning as well. Rather than knowledge employed in the
service of a more practical worldly skill, because of the emphasis in Saraswati
Yoga on Jupiter's strength and comfort, it is a yoga of more indicative of
refined wisdom, knowledge for its own sake or some super-refined skill aimed at
carrying people to the transcendent. Saraswati Yoga is often present in the charts
of mathematicians, philosophers and writers, although if Jupiter and, to a
lesser extent, Mercury and Venus, have multiple afflictions, it may not give
such a high turn of mind.

Lakshmi Yoga

One of the premier yogas of wealth is the Lakshmi Yoga.
Shastra offers two definitions of this yoga. Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra
states the yoga is formed when the ninth lord occupies a Kendra in its own,
exaltation or mulatrikona rashi and the first lord is strong. This yoga cannot
be formed in Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn or Pisces ascendants. This
form of Lakshmi Yoga will be considered in a subsequent post.

The second form of Lakshmi Yoga is defined in Phaladeepika as the ninth lord and
Venus in kendras or konas in their own or exaltation rashis. This yoga can be
formed in any ascendant. Some astrologers include Venus in the second in its own
sign or exaltation for this yoga since the second is a money house.

Warmest Regards
Hock Leong

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Re: Two Lakshmi Yogas, Kala Nidhi Yoga and Saraswati Yoga

Post by rameshchoudhary » 05 Apr 2019

I am really glad to write all the 3 yogas are in my chart at time
DOB: 11 August 1968
Place: Raxaul
Time : 22.32
Ascendant is Aries and 5th house Mercury, Jupiter and Venus . Jupiter of 17 degree

Would be able comment end effects of this combination

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Re: Two Lakshmi Yogas, Kala Nidhi Yoga and Saraswati Yoga

Post by vidhyanine » 19 Apr 2019

@rameshchoudhary, since you mentioned you have all 3 yogas in your chart forming, are you experiencing wealth? Are you in the forbes?

if not, it could be due to the dashas and are those dashas long or short dashas?

Does it repeat in the Navamsha?

Thank you,

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