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by ramansingh
27 Oct 2020
Forum: Special Rules
Topic: Empowering vs Enhancing Saturn
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Re: Empowering vs Enhancing Saturn

Based on the planets condition and ownership there are 2 appraoches for the remedial measure. 1. Working on the strength of the planet- Strong or Weak 2.Working on Quality of the planet-Make it more positive And we work on this over all property of planet gets affected. So as an example When you are...
by ramansingh
27 Oct 2020
Forum: Use of the Jaimini System
Topic: Retrogation in calculating Karakas
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Re: Retrogation in calculating Karakas

HI , No, being Retrograde planet doesnt change the condition for Charakaraka. So even if highest degree planet is retro still it would be AK only. Secondly, depending up how many CKs you consider (7 or 8) Darakara would always be planet with least degree. Rahu is the only exception where its actual ...
by ramansingh
26 Oct 2020
Forum: Planets, Houses, Signs, etc.
Topic: Saturn as Rajyogkaraka
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Re: Saturn as Rajyogkaraka

Hi, Even though its hypothetical question but given the condition, Saturn would be RK or Yogakaraka for these 2 lagnas, thus would be natural malefic but functional benefic. Being benefic for these 2 lagnas wont change the inherent behaviour and being natural malefic wont stop the benefit from the S...