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by Justanotherone
07 Dec 2019
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Topic: How do I become a student of Lex ji?
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How do I become a student of Lex ji?

Good morning, Lex Ji. Hope you're doing good. I have been an astrology student for a few years, learnt a bit about KP. I am amazed by the way it works. I read your answers on the forum, spellbound by the accuracy and the way you analyse the charts. I would be humbled to learn KP astrology from a Gur...
by Justanotherone
05 Jun 2019
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Topic: Cricket World Cup Predictions
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Re: Cricket World Cup Predictions

Hi everyone, This thread has been interesting, so the world cup will be much more exciting to watch. Thank you for your contributions. I use KP method, cast two different charts to analyse the out come of a cricket match. I get some matches wrong too. Over the period when I dig in through those fail...