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by mitra
30 Apr 2019
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Topic: Lost posts not recoverable !
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Re: Lost posts not recoverable !

Hi Spidey,

Can the current lost posts (after 25th April) be successfully retrieved from the back-up system? I lost my post..and not really feeling like posting again. I wonder if there was any planetary indications for this.

by mitra
30 Apr 2019
Forum: Planets, Houses, Signs, etc.
Topic: Mars & Celibacy
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Re: Mars & Celibacy

I have a chart with the following -

Mars (with other planets) in Scorpio
Saturn-Jupiter-Ketu in Capricorn

He is married.
by mitra
24 Apr 2019
Forum: Relationship and Marriage
Topic: Need help on marriage
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Re: Need help on marriage

7th lord and planet of intelligence Mercury is combust. Jupiter in 7th house is retrograde. Houses with retrograde planets require extra focus and repeated attempts to get it right.
by mitra
24 Apr 2019
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Topic: Hello all!
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Hello all!

Hi everyone! I'm a new member, hoping to further my interest and learning of Vedic Astrology. Thank you for providing me with this opportunity!