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by Ram1973
12 Feb 2019
Forum: Planets, Houses, Signs, etc.
Topic: Jupiter's aspect on Mercury
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Re: Jupiter's aspect on Mercury

Dear all:

I have Rahu conjunct Jupiter(combust), Sun and Mercury in 3rd House (Sagittarius) I have guru chandal yoga? is budh-aditya yoga cancelled?
3 Jan 1973, 1.05 AM, Chennai.
Thanks for your rrsponse..
by Ram1973
11 Feb 2019
Forum: Yogas
Topic: Guru chandal yog - the deep dark secret?
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Re: Guru chandal yog - the deep dark secret?

Hello Nora/friends: Reading through these topics I begin feel happy and also shudder at the same time looking at my past. I am hoping that the kind people in this forum will shed some light on my case: DOB: 3 Jan 1973 Time: 1.05 am Place: Chennai Lagna: Libra Rasi: Scorpio Highlights: Moon, Mars, Ve...